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    A balanced blend of high-oleic safflower oil fortified with vitamin-e and sweet orange oils for an all-natural polish that enhances natural shine while replenishing cells and strengthening dehydrated leather.

    Otter Wax Leather Oil is perfect for treating leather couches, boots, belts, bags, and get the idea. It’s also safe to use on all colors and types of leather to help prevent and repair dry cracking, scuffs, and minor scratches.

    5OZ -OR- 9OZ


    Apply as often as necessary to help revive natural luster and moisture. Frequent application will continually hydrate, extending the amount of time between conditioning. Temporary darkening may occur. This is completely normal, and original coloration is restored within a few days.

    • apply to leather using a soft, lint-free cloth
    • allow leather to fully absorb
    • buff leather with horsehair brush or flannel cloth
    • reapply as often as necessary