New 2nd Generation version

  • Rugged, reinforced fabric and top quality high-density foam
  • 4 Ammo pouches (2 detachable and 2 permanent) each with capacity for 100 rounds of shotgun, 400 rounds of pistol or 200 rounds of rifle ammo
  • Detachable, waterproof pistol pouch with carry handle
  • Detachable tool/accessories bag with carry handle
  • Pouches for (6) AR-15 magazines and 5 double-stack 2011(R) magazines
  • Velcro restraints for securing shotgun and rifle
  • Reversible, detachable, zippered pouch for protecting extended shotgun magazine tube
  • Thick, high density foam divider to protect shotgun and rifle
  • Dual padded shoulder straps with chest strap, carry handle and single shoulder strap carrying options
  • Top quality YKK zippers and heavy duty metal hardware
  • Dimensions: 51"L x 12"W x 5"H; 12 lbs
  • Co-designed by professional 3-gun shooter Arlie Branham
  • LIFETIME Guarantee

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Price: $184.99
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    Item #: WH-250S-BK
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    Thanks to a close collaboration with professional 3-gun shooter Arlie Branham, this 3-Gun Tactical Case has every feature you could possible want when heading to the range. When Wild Hare makes a product, it is built to last. The first thing you will notice when picking up this case is that it is heavier than other cases on the market. That's because we spared no expense in both the quality and durability of the reinforced fabric and the high density foam that comprises this case. In addition, there is no shortage of carrying capacity for all of your ammo, slings, ear muffs and shooting glasses.

    Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:
    Rhode Island

    Wild Hare 3 gun bag

    I will lay out a senario for you. First off I am not a morning person at all. The night before a match I ger everything all set gear is clean and in bags near garage door. Grab cart, bags and pew pews. Drive 2 hrs to match only to notice I forgot my pistol case. Pistol is the only reason I do 3 gun lol. Now with the Wild Hare 3 gun bag not only does it come with 2 pistol compartments as well as plenty of room for your pew pews shot count it is build super rugged. The zipper are heavy duty and material is extremely durable. So you have an extension tuve on your shot gun yup they have you covered with a pocket for the tube no more disassembling you shotgun to fit it in your bag.

    They have thought of everything so you dont have to think in the morning rush.

    Freaking amazing bag for an amazing price

    If your looking for a gun bag and happen to see this, don’t hesitate, Just buy it. You won’t regret it. The quality and value is amazing. This bag is at least five times better than bags I’ve seen go for more than twice the price. Wild Hare got a customer for life because of this one item.


    Great 3-Gun bag at a reasonable price!

    • strong
    • lots of room
    • modular
    • great pri
    • short
    I've been looking for a new bag for my 3-Gun gear that would allow me to carry everything I need for a match in one bag. My decision was between the Wild Hare 3-Gun bag and another bag that has recently hit the market. Both were great bags but ultimately, the Wild Hare bag fit my needs best. It is built like a tank with strong nylon and great stitching. Strong zippers and buckles to keep everything neat and squared away. The bag is a little heavy even before you load it up but that is because of the rugged construction. There is room for all your mags, ammo, caddies, holsters and all the extra equipment you would want and willing to carry. There is even a pocket big enough to put your belt if you roll it tight enough. The long gun area is long enough for a ten round tube on your shotgun and there is a little padded pocket you can deploy to fit a twelve round tube. That my be my only concern if I was using this back to travel on a plane and putting this bag inside a hard shell case with the shotgun tube attached. Easy fix is to just detach the tube while traveling. The padding between the long guns is strong and firm enough to protect both guns in hard travel. The best part to me was this bag is it is a third less than the other bag and is more flexible in the way you can configure it. Looking forward to my first match with it coming up in a few weeks.


    Wild Hare 3 Gun Case

    The case arrived a few days after I ordered it. The construction is excellent. Zippers felt good and durable. Besides the zippers, it has velcro closures and clip closures. The space is incredible and lots of storage. The removable pouches on the front are great. I highly recommend this product. It has been field tested and I approve it.

    Louisiana / SE US used

    Wild Hare 3 Gun Case Excellent

    • Quality excellent cost ease of service
    I ordered the 3 gun case and it arrived a few days later with standard shipping. I received emails updating me of the arrival and with the tracking number. The price is great especially for comparable equipment in the same price range. Wild Hare quality could not be matched. The ample space to hold all of your 3 gun equipment is incredible. Yes it's heavy but I'd rather quality material heavy vs plastic feeling light. The zippers feel strong. I can't wait to field test it at many upcoming 2 gun and 3 gun competitions.