The Benefits of Youth Sport Shooting

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Youth Sport Shooting has really taken off recently, growing in popularity each year. Over the past six years, participation in youth sport shooting events has increased by 142% (Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation) and for good reason. These sports have skills and lessons to teach the next generation and provide opportunities both behind and beyond firearms.

Junior Sport Shooting Offers Many Opportunities

Youth sport shooting is already having a positive impact on the next generation. Here are six of our top reasons to enroll your young one in sport shooting:

1. Learn a New Skill.

When they invest in this new skill, kids are sharpening their concentration, hand/eye coordination, and sportsmanship skills. These areas can impact other areas of their lives, helping them grow into productive citizens.

2. Responsibility & Self-Discipline.

Youth shooting sports require an element of discipline that children can benefit from. As they learn and follow the rules, shooters understand both safety and commitment to the sport. Caring for their firearm instills responsibility for an important instrument.

3. Connect With Family.

According to the NRA, 88% of children who engage in sporting shoots have family members who participate as well. This commonality bonds families together and provides quality time both shooting and discussing the sport.

4. Firearm Safety

Every shooting sport requires the participant to understand how to operate their firearm safely. Guns are part of life. By educating our youth about firearm safety, we can reduce incidents and teach our children how to act responsibly around guns.

5. Keep Tradition Alive

Shooting sports have been around for centuries. And when youths begin recreational shooting at a young age, they are more likely to shoot into adulthood (National Shooting Sports Foundation). As we continue to teach those skills to the next generation, we keep traditional elements alive for the future, where they will continue to be passed down.

6. Shooting Sport Scholarships

Shooting sport scholarships can help make college more affordable for the shot in your family. By joining a team during high school, and honing their skills, teenagers can benefit from scholarship opportunities, including trap shooting college scholarships. Check out this list of schools with shooting sports.

Wild Hare Carries Youth Sport Shooting Gear

If your young one is looking to get involved in youth sport shooting, you are going to need the proper gear. At Wild Hare, we are excited to watch the next generation embark on this lifelong passion. From shooting vests and apparel to gun cases, you can count on us to carry what you need.

Questions about youth sport shooting or what you need to get started? Contact us. We are happy to answer any of your questions.

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